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ASC powerful solution for business analysis

The ASC System is a software cloud solution for analyzing and reporting on business operations.

I own an ERP solution, why would I need ASC?

1. ERP solutions are intended for the automation of every-day business activities, and not for analysis and reporting.
2. ASC is intended for monitoring, analysis and reporting on business operations.
3. ASC is an excellent supplement to the ERP solution because it provides exactly what the ERP solutions are lacking.
4. ASC enables you to know the state of your business at any moment.
5. ASC gives you control over the business with minimum time expenditure.

Why would I buy ASC when BI solutions are much more powerful?

1. BI solutions are more expensive, and normally smaller and middle-sized companies cannot afford them.
2. ASC is focused on the needs of smaller and middle-sized companies, which means that it can solve their issues more efficiently.
3. BI solutions have more possibilities, but why would you want to pay for something you do not need?

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