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Elements of the ASC System

The ASC System consists of three main sub-systems: Recording, Reporting and Monitoring.


Its purpose is to ensure that bookkeeping records on business events clearly indicate place, nature, value and time of the business change and that they show the business change completely and truthfully.
The system that ensures that business events have been confirmed, approved and properly recorded.


Sub-system for information processing, report generating and analysis production.
Its purpose is the information which enables efficient and timely decision making.
It takes care of transparency and timeliness of information.

What is important is shaping of information, selection and guidance to target recipients.
Its purpose is the information which enables efficient and timely decision-making.


Sub-system for business processes and business events monitoring, recording and documenting.
Sub-system for duties and authorities assignment verification, in order to prevent errors and abuse.

Checks the authenticity of the recording, processing and classification reliability.
It contains sub-systems for alerting about deviation from the standard and planned values​​.

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