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What does the ASC System actually do?

It automatically detects irregularities in the business records

ASC System is an intelligent system, capable of recognizing all business, financing and bookkeeping irregularities. It is the result our 20-year experience and knowledge in the form of standards, rules and procedures.

ASC retrieves data from your system, prepares it and analyses. The reports are sent directly to your Inbox daily, without having to log in, you get access to the system and training to work with the system.

With the ASC System you may know at any time the state of your business, what the current business result is and the potential dangers, even before they lead to undesired consequences.

It connects to the previously existing information system

The ASC System connects to your company’s previously existing information system or ERP. There is no need to change your existing software and your habits. From your system it transfers data into its own database, reformats it and prepares for analysis.

Reports directly in your Inbox

ASC comes with a set of special reports. However, if you wish to create your own reports, ASC allows you incredible flexibility. The unique thing about ASC is that we can create the reports on your demand so that you do not need training for the complicated system for creating reports.

Completely adjustable solution

This system will completely change your view on doing business and open up option that you were not able to see before. We will teach you how to see the business as it is in its nature.

Intuitive and natural

Man is part of nature. It is in man’s nature, unlike other living things, to create, to be creative.
Creation is inherent to doing business. Thus, the business process is a natural process. Like a growing tree.
Every natural process has its causality rules. Every business event also has a specific event before and after it. That is why business events are naturally predictable. Misunderstandings occur when a business event multiplies and looks like it is complicated, but it is really only one event.
Everything that man creates has its value. Everything that benefits creation also has its value.
Business events make a business process.
Business events initiate business change.

How can we help you?

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