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Support on the way to your goal

We offer help to developing companies in avoiding growth-connected risks.

Stay focused on improving your business, and we will help you gain control over your business operations with a minimum expenditure of your time.

We provide you with the right information at the right time.

Business Systems and Solutions

Many years of experience and knowledge of the environment and business conditions in Croatia, EU and Serbia, as well as proven reliability and confidence, make ASC an indispensable support to the investors, in starting the business as well as later on, in managing and controlling the business.

Investing in the business cooperation with BMS and in the ASC Business System is a smart decision, firstly because of the cost control savings, possible damage risk elimination and significant increase in the level of security and business reliability.

ASC business solutions require no additional investment and adaptation because they operate in a way that they use all the positive aspects of the present business system and elaborate on them, increasing their quality.

Expert support and consulting

  • In bankruptcy proceedings
  • In execution of reconstruction plan
  • Due diligence
  • Restructuring
  • Investment projects
  • Financial consulting
  • Accounting forensics
  • Tax consulting
  • Controlling
  • Business consulting
  • Business audit

High quality and efficient system for monitorong and controling of business processes

Solution for standardization and improvement of business processes



In the last few years, tax planning has become an important activity of ASC. The most efficient and cost-effective tax planning is continuing proactive management and control of the business process. Every-day guidance, correcting of revenue and expenditure as well as assets and liabilities in the desired direction. This is what ASC and the ASC System can provide.

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People from BMS are trustworthy, extremely well organized, very friendly and with personal customer relationship ASC is a great tool for detailed reporting. I would refer to them as trustworthy contact in Croatia and Serbia.
Sandra Wohlers,
AAA Rating Certificate
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Improve your business control.

Your company is growing in a fast pace and you spend evermore time trying to control it rather than developing the business?

ASC will perform daily controls of your finances and keep you informed on all detected irregularities.

Prevent unnecessary expenses

One of the biggest risks of developing companies is unnecessary expenses.

ASC will, through its constant analysis and monitoring, minimize the risks of such expenses.

We will optimize your tax expenses.

Know the state of your business at any time.

We enable you to have complete insight and analysis of your business at all times.

Non-complicated reports, understandable to all.

We communicate in business, not bookkeeping terms.