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What is it that we do?

Business Management Support helps middle-sized companies to fulfill and, in the long run, keep their full potential.

Many years of experience and knowledge of the environment and business conditions in Croatia and Serbia, as well as proven reliability and confidence, make ASC indispensable support to investors in these two business regions oriented towards one another, in starting the business as well as later on, in managing and controlling the business.

One of the biggest problems with starting a company is the business operation control. The number of activities is increasing, as is the speed at which they appear, the number of employees is going up, the information you receive about the business operation is more complex, harder to understand and perhaps not even very accurate.

As a result of this, you spend more time doing the administrative work and less time doing the actual business.

Business Management Support helps you improve your business process and, with some time and effort, get in full control of your business operation. We will enable you to know the situation in your company at any moment. We bring you daily reports on all operational irregularities.

With your help and cooperation, combined with our experience, we can help you improve your business process and company organization. However, we do not impose organization, but fully respect the individuality of your company and adapt to it.

The analysis of the business process is conducted by using our famous 8 Steps TQM methodology

We send you daily reports on the situation and all irregularities in the financial operations. The reports are written in a way that they are easily understood and very clear, and their length enables fast reviewing. Pure accountancy-styled reports are often useless, unclear and too complicated for the company’s management.

We produce reports that will be clear and useful to any manager. Each report is designed according to your requests.

By analyzing the operation of your company and the processes within it, we detect good cost-saving areas. Daily operation monitoring minimizes risks of unnecessary cost buildup.

Our tax experts will help you achieve an ideal attitude towards tax liabilities.

We offer our client who own several companies centralized monitoring of operation of all their companies. Daily reports and work analyses of all the companies together and separately

Within each company you can check its operation and results of each division.

Our goal is to help you devote your time to work and not to secondary activities. We can do instead of you all the boring administrative jobs, which normally take up a lot of time.
Getting the best credit is always complicated, time-consuming and requires a lot of time and analysis. We can facilitate the cooperation with banks and ensure the best conditions.
Did they pay us? Did we pay them? When, how much and who should we pay? Will we have enough money for the payments? We will help you solve all these questions and manage your cash and debts optimally.
How can we help you?

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